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Featuring 101 clothing, Moelogo, Nana Churcher, DJ Fiifii, Real life stories from Reuben Bekoe and Ginny Pireku, Soraya Russell, Dinah Desserts, Nma(Nigerian Lazy Chef) and many more. Be prepared to be educated and entertained.







New Music Alert

International versatile singer/songwriter Bayku hailing from  Atlanta Georgia has new song out that has EVERYONE raving about it!



Moulin Rouge LIPS

what red do you have in your PURSE?



Red lipstick is known for being powerful, sexy, sensual, vampish and aspirational amongst many other things. And after several seasons out of the spotlight Red lipstick made a comeback for Spring/ Summer 2015.


Red Lipstick is variable and used for all things.

Apart from Red Lipstick widely known for being worn for seduction, it has been used to raise awareness for global campaigns such as sickle cell and sexual assault.  From creamy to matte, tint to gloss which is your favourite brand?

Barry Mbobbi brown D&G MAC Marc-Jacobs-Red-Lipstick MUA Sleek


Something Happens When God’s People Pray

I was reading about prayer and I came across a couple of great reads I’d like to share.

Prayer is a wonderful privilege. God has opened the door to His throne room and invited His children to enter His presence with their petitions, Heb. 4:16. He has promised to hear us when we call, Jer. 33:3. And, he has promised to answer our prayers when we pray according to His will, 1 John 5:14-15. We all know that there are many privileges and promises associated with prayer. I want to remind us from this passage that prayer is also a very powerful endeavor.

Prayer is so important that it is mentioned over 250 times in Scripture. So why is daily prayer so important? First, daily prayer gives us an opportunity to share all aspects of our lives with God. Second, daily prayer gives us the chance to express our gratitude for the things He provides. Third, daily prayer provides the platform for confessing our sin and asking for help in overcoming that sin. Fourth, daily prayer is an act of worship and obedience. And finally, daily prayer is a way to acknowledge who is really in control of our lives. Apart from praying in private there is also a special dynamic that comes into play when God’s children come together, united in faith and purpose, to seek the face of the Lord in prayer.

The first Prayer Jesus taught us was that of The Lord’s Prayer.  When we pray “Give us this day our daily bread” we’re showing that we’re depending on God a day at a time. Jesus urges us, “Don’t worry about having enough food or drink or clothing….Do not worry about tomorrow” (Mt 6:31, 34). Within our request is the faith-knowledge that God will provide. With confidence we make our needs known to God.

As a people, we need to be able to get a hold of the Lord. We need that as individuals and we need that as a church. The only way that will ever happen is for us to come together like the early church and make seeking God our priority.

  • We need to examine our hearts and be sure there is nothing in us against another brother or sister in Jesus.
  • We need to seek God as a family.
  • We need to call on God by faith, believing Him for all things.
  • We need to look beyond our own needs and lift up those around us who are in need.
  • We need to pray through our problems until we see the Lord move in power.

Something happens when God’s people pray. Let’s pray together and see what happens!


AFWA and Encore Festival

Africa inspired clothing/print/jewellery is on the rise. AFWL features both established and emerging designers from Africa and the African diaspora giving them the opportunity to showcase their work. This year I took a trip to Amsterdam for the second edition of African Fashion Week Amsterdam.

With the handsome, funny, entertaining, awarding winning Ramsey Nouah as host, and dressed to the ‘nines’ I just knew we were in for a sensual weekend filled with adorning and edifying African designers, entertainment and laughter. Designers came from near and wide, some as far as South America and Zambia to name a few. My favourite pieces were from Albert Chapel in collaboration with Diana Tambe, who specialises in wood and haute couture!!! Talk about fashion with a difference. Diana also showcased her beautiful collection called Blak Pearl. After a successful show and a fab time networking I am looking forward to what the third edition will bring. Enjoy our video below edited by Kwesi Brako.


Before Encore i’d never been to a festival and thanks to my friend Anthea I had an awesome experience. In one word AWESOMENESS (yes! it is fast becoming my favourite word) The Dutch party hard!!! Encore is Hollands home to Hiphop and R&B, with different tents with strong live acts and DJs from Netherlands and abroad. I’m definitely goin back for the 3rd edition and taking some of my people with me lol . Bedankt aan iedereen die IK ontmoet in Amsterdam. IK had een geweldige tijd. I hope my dutch is right?

DSC00292 DSC00297

DSC00294 DSC00298 DSC00300DSC00303

Kenyan Folktale

FADHILA SECRET by Amy Friedman and Meredith Johnson

-Once upon a time, a young girl named Fadhila lived in a tiny village on the coast of Kenya. Fadhila had a special talent for picking the most marvelous fruits. Whenever Fadhila picked an orange, it was the juiciest orange; whenever she picked a banana, it was richer and denser than anyone else’s bananas. This was true of every fruit she picked.


people of Fadhila’s village wondered how she found such delicious fruit, but nobody asked her to reveal her secret. It was understood that everyone has a skill, a special talent, and this was Fadhila’s.

And then one day, as Fadhila was walking past Spider’s house, he called out to her. You see, Spider was terribly lazy. He didn’t like to work for himself, and he had heard tales of Fadhila’s fruits. Spider had a special talent, too. He was a trickster, and this time he thought he could trick Fadhila into sharing her talents with him.

And so, using his sweetest voice, he called out, “Fadhila, good day to you. How are you feeling this beautiful morning?

“I’m well,” Fadhila answered, and she smiled, but right away she thought Spider must be up to something. “What about you, Spider? Are you feeling well?”

“Ah,” Spider sighed, “well, yes … but I am very hungry. I wonder if I might accompany you into the bush to find some food.”

Fadhila thought a moment, and she looked Spider up and down. “You know, I am sure, no one has ever come with me.”

“Ah, yes,” Spider said cheerfully, “I do know that. And I would consider it a special honor to be the first one to be your companion in the lonely bush.”

“Well,” Fadhila said, eyeing him carefully, “if you come along, you must promise you won’t tell anyone my secrets.”

“Of course!” Spider said. He smiled as he felt his stomach grumbling with anticipation.

“Promise me,” Fadhila said.

“I promise,” he replied. “On my heart. You can trust me!”

Fadhila smiled. “Well, OK then.”

And Spider hurried to her side.

As they walked into the bush, Fadhila asked, “What kind of food do you like to eat, Spider?”

fruit basket

“Well,” Spider said, careful to keep time with the girl, “I like bananas and melons and pineapples, of course. And I like coconuts. And I love honey!”

“Honey!” Fadhila said, and if Spider had noticed, he might have seen the gleam in her eye. “Wonderful, I think I can help you.”

On they walked, Fadhila leading the way down into parts of the bush where few people ventured. Spider clicked his heels with happiness, for he knew he was about to find the special place in the bush, the place that held Fadhila’s secrets. And if he discovered this, he would never again have to work too hard for food. He could offer his secret to anyone who would go into the bush for him.

Fadhila pointed to a tree and exclaimed, “This is the best peach tree! It does not have that many peaches, but each one is the sweetest in the world!”

Spider was a greedy fellow, and as soon as he saw the secret peach tree, his mouth began to water. It was time to act, so he pushed Fadhila into the bushes and quickly climbed the tree. When he was up, he began to eat until he had eaten every last peach. He didn’t leave a single one for Fadhila.

When he was finished, he rubbed his belly and sighed, and he thought this must be the finest day he had ever spent. He looked down and to his delight and amazement, Fadhila said, “Do you want to see my special bananas?”

“A fine idea!” Spider said, and he hurried down the tree. They walked a little farther on, and Fadhila showed him a patch of bananas, and once again, as soon as he saw the spot, he pushed her into the bushes and ate every single ripe banana he could find.

Now Spider’s belly was so full that he thought he had never been happier, but this made him still greedier, and he wanted to know every secret of the bush. So he smiled at Fadhila, and to his great joy, she said, “Are you too full, or would you like me to show you the honey?”

“Oh, yes!” Spider said, and he followed Fadhila along the path, still deeper into the bush. And when they had reached a tree so deep in the bush that no one had ever seen it, Fadhila said, “Here, this is a very special tree. Deep inside is a hole with the world’s best honey.”

Spider’s eyes grew wide, and his greed greater, and once again, he shoved Fadhila into the bushes. He climbed the tree and when he found the little hole, he squeezed himself inside, and once again, he began to eat and eat and eat, and once again, he saved nothing for anyone else. And once again, he did not say thank you.

When he was full, he began to climb out of the tree, but he discovered that he had grown too fat to squeeze through the hole.

“Help, Fadhila!” he cried. “I cannot get out.”

But Fadhila was not the fool Spider had thought. She only smiled. “If you had not been so greedy,” she said, “you would not be stuck.”

“I’m sorry!” Spider cried. “I’m so sorry. Please, call for help!”

“I’m no fool,” Fadhila said, “though you think I am. But I’m a kind girl, too.”

And with that, Fadhila began to cry for help, but she cried as softly as she could.

Naturally, nobody heard Fadhila’s whispers, and nobody could hear Spider, for he was trapped inside a tree, deep in the bush. And so Fadhila finally said, “Well, I think it’s time for me to go home,” and she waved to him, and then she turned and walked back home. And after that, whenever anyone heard the story of Spider stuck in the honey tree, they knew they would never ask Fadhila to give away her secret. Obviously, it was for her alone to know.



Jenny has launched her new website for her clothing line Ferona.

Jenny is of Nigerian heritage, the Igbo Tribe in particular, however she is British born and has lived in London her whole life.  To that end she doesn’t  see herself as just an African designer but  as a Fashion Designer influenced by her African heritage. Check out her website;




SA4A (pronounce Safoa) Designs is an accessories fashion brand . Created by Abena Safoa her products include slippers, sandals,flats, heels, purses, handbags and many more accessories made with African print.



To order a some of her products you’ll find her on Etsy.