Popcorn, Cider =Movie

Love Love Love Short films and yesterday we (Madeline and I ) went to watch House Girl by Koby Adom but got treated to two other short films as well.DSC00672

Being able to pack  interesting, reverting, captivating stories into a couple of minutes isn’t something a lot of short films have but it was great and enjoyable to watch. The films showcased a number of issues inherent in the Afro-Caribbean community; parental approval, abuse, western vs traditional values, culture etc.

The First film we watched  was titled His Father’s Son – Directed by Adjani Salmon

This film was very relatable; it was about a young man named Jimmy, striving to get his dad to see him as a man.


The Second Film Omo Dada (The Good Son) – Directed by Tomisin Adepeju . This movie very short , funny but also managed to convey such a great message, story and show a problem that a few African people are facing today. It’s about a young Nigerian man who is respectful, dutiful, the pride of his family. However, during an intimate, traditional family gathering, he is forced to address a secret he has harbored, one that will undoubtedly have a profound, life-changing impact on his relationship with his family.


The final film House Girl – Directed by Kobe Adom


This movie was a great conversation starter, talking about the issue of abuse some maids face in their homes. This story was about a British girl of Ghanaian decent who goes to Ghana to visit her aunt in Accra. It is at her aunt’s house that she meets Efua who is her aunt’s maid but she witnesses the maltreatment Efua suffers at the hands of her aunt.








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