Sarkodie Highest Tour

He’s been to Germany, Belgium, France and he’s hitting a few more countries you going to be there??  Watch our highlights from the show in Düsseldorf.


Central Africa

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East Africa

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Horn of Africa

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North Africa

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Southern Africa

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West Africa

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ENGLISH: This is statiscally spoken by 700million Africans.  One of the lanuguages spoken all over the world. In Africa, English is the dominant language of Botswana, Rwanda, Nigeria, Ghana, Sudan, Cameroon, Liberia, Uganda, Sierra Leone and Tanzania. Around 17 countries were colonised by the British.

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ARABIC: Around 100 million people in Africa speak this language. It’s the primary language of Algeria, Mauritania, Libya, Tunisia and Egypt.

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SWAHILI: More than 100million Africans speak this language. It’s the official of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Swahili is a bantu language and is spoken in many communities in Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique,Tanzania, Burundi &DRC.

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FRENCH: Spoken by over 90 million Africans; French like English is one of the very few universal lanugages. Approximately 18 African countries were colonized by France. Afew countries in Africa were French is the official language are; Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Mali, Djibouti.

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HAUSA: More than 50 million Africans speak this language. Hausa is the most widely spoken language in west Africa. Another 17 million people speak Hausa as a second language. Hausa is written in Arabic characters, and about one-fourth of Hausa words come from Arabic. Many Hausa can read and write Arabic. Many can also speak either French or English.

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OROMO: Spoken by more than 30 million people. Although not the official language of any country; it’s spoken by people in Ethiopia, Egypt, Kenya and Somalia.
YORUBA: Spoken by around 40 million people, The Yoruba are among the most urbanized people in Africa because centuries before the arrival of the British colonial administration, most Yoruba already lived in well structured urban centers organized around powerful city-states (Ìlú) centered around the residence of the Oba.
IGBO: Estimatedly spoken by 20 million  Africans. This native language of the Igbo people it has over 20 dialects and like Yoruba is a tonal lanugage. Yhe Igbos believe that every individual is born with a chi (A chi is some sort of guardian angel or spiritual assistant) and that the fate and destiny of the individual is determined by the chi. There’s an Igbo adage that says “ofu nne na amu mana ofu chi adighi eke” meaning that one mother can give birth to the same children but they aren’t guided (in this context its created) by the same chi.
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AMHARIC: 18.7 million people speak this language and is the official language of Ethopia. After Arabic it is the second mostspoken semitic lauguage in the world. . Ethiopia is the only country in Africa with its own alphabet. Actually it uses an abugida, also known as an alpha-syllabary, which consists of 209 symbols and 25 letter variants.
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ZULU:About 10million Africans speak this lanaguage a vast majority of whom live in South Africa.  The Zulu peoples language is called isiZulu. IsiZulu is part of the Nguni subgroup of the Bantu language. It is South Africa’s most widely spoken language. Many Zulus also speak several of South Africa’s eleven other official languages including English, Afrikaans, Portuguese, Shangaan, and Sesotho.
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A’friquency Event


A’friquency is a Pan African international event that launched in Johannesburg in May 2016.  Although the concept of their event isn’t a new one, the execution of it was exquisitely done and definitely has the potential to grow on a larger scale. On the 9th of September the event they held featured artist and producer Silvastone Live with special guests; raising artists by the name of New Age Musik; renowned Afrobeats DJ’s Edu & Neptizzle and finally A’friquency’s resident DJ Adam Tiran who treated us to some Afro-house

Silvastone and Vicky Sola giving us an exclusive on their new collaboration


Ike Chuks and Silvastone
The boys from New Age Musik
#afroboss Dj Edu
The baddest Dj Neptizzle





Adam Tiran- Great job at interacting with the audience

All in all it was a great night, the diverse audience was a welcome change. For more information on some of the artists A’friquency see the links below, we look forward to anymore contributions.

@thisisvickysola (on twitter and instagram)



Popcorn, Cider =Movie

Love Love Love Short films and yesterday we (Madeline and I ) went to watch House Girl by Koby Adom but got treated to two other short films as well.DSC00672

Being able to pack  interesting, reverting, captivating stories into a couple of minutes isn’t something a lot of short films have but it was great and enjoyable to watch. The films showcased a number of issues inherent in the Afro-Caribbean community; parental approval, abuse, western vs traditional values, culture etc.

The First film we watched  was titled His Father’s Son – Directed by Adjani Salmon

This film was very relatable; it was about a young man named Jimmy, striving to get his dad to see him as a man.


The Second Film Omo Dada (The Good Son) – Directed by Tomisin Adepeju . This movie very short , funny but also managed to convey such a great message, story and show a problem that a few African people are facing today. It’s about a young Nigerian man who is respectful, dutiful, the pride of his family. However, during an intimate, traditional family gathering, he is forced to address a secret he has harbored, one that will undoubtedly have a profound, life-changing impact on his relationship with his family.


The final film House Girl – Directed by Kobe Adom


This movie was a great conversation starter, talking about the issue of abuse some maids face in their homes. This story was about a British girl of Ghanaian decent who goes to Ghana to visit her aunt in Accra. It is at her aunt’s house that she meets Efua who is her aunt’s maid but she witnesses the maltreatment Efua suffers at the hands of her aunt.








img145959317790769 with Mr. Eazi is a live intimate acoustic session with the man himself. Mr. Eazi gets personal and ‘down’ with his fans; he shared personal stories, jokes and just ‘connected with everyone.


Hosted by the sensual  Caro Ohema who graciously welcomed everyone with the opening act Miss Tomi, who serenading and working the crowd for the main act.



DJ Maestro and DJ Juls at the decks also got people dancing and vibing. Finally, when Mr. Eazi came on stage with the band, he debuted one of his new songs as well as the ones known and sang by all.

img1459593245098 When Eugy joined him on stage, the hype levels just went up and then got even crazier with the impromptu rap improv Mr.Eazi got Eugy to do.

It was great seeing Moelogo, DJ Sawa, DJ Invisible, Ernest Simmons, The Pointblanc music team, Casty and many others who’d come to support and watch Mr.Eazi.

A massive thank you to both OG and Nayoka for everything that day, Interview with Mr. Eazi on The Journey will available to YouTube very soon.